Face Reading Class 14th September, California
Come and find out what your face reveals and learn how to read others!
• Your willpower, longevity & fertility
• Your ability to attract money & people
• Your health strengths & weaknesses
• And much more 
Cost $55. Refreshments provided. Notes Included. Bookings Essential!
Booking: Nancy Michler 626 674 1919
nancymichlerpt at hotmail
Energetics of Food. 14th September California
A complete understanding of how food effects your body, then mind, then spirit!This workshop is exciting and educational!
2pm - 5pm Saturday 14th September
La Palma Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Corp. 7851 Walker St, Suite 202, La Palma, California.
Booking: Nancy Michler 626 674 1919
$65 includes extensive notes and refreshments
Energetics of Food Theory Course, 12 lessons.
Discover the potential of each food in relationship to organ function, blood and qi for optimum health and physical, mental, emotional well-being.
What is right for your body?
We look at temperatures of food e.g. bananas are cold so therefore we do not eat them raw in winter; e.g. oats are warm and they will help your body keep warm in winter.
How we make food taste delicious using the principles of the five elements.
Create dishes to enhance optimum health.
Energetics of Food Practical Cooking Classes
4 week class, 1 night a week.
Cooking through menus created by Narelle - who is very well known for her excellent tasty cooking and it all fits into total wellbeing evenings.
You'll learn how to be a super cook.  Delicious.
Dates back over 3,000 years. Used by medical physicians to diagnose illness. Used in matchmaking and to choose government hierarchy.
The workshop helps you discover your own potential and strength of character, your ability to make money and complete your understanding of yourself e.g. musical ability, risk taking (money) or physical risks.
Your face is a mosaic of you. We fill in the picture. A very exciting workshop.
Cosmetic Acupuncture.   
Also creates a happy mind/spirit.  Helps Depression.  Promotes a calming peaceful inner quietness, restores emotional balance as well as creating a healthy glow and positive outlook.
Gathering Medicine - Food Therapy Correspondence Course
This is a 14 lesson correspondence course designed at teaching the value of wholefoods and their use according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medical Philosophy. You may contact Narelle via this website contact page, for registration details.
Paediatrics class for new mums to help with attending all babies' needs - feeding, fevers, colic etc.  
Also available are two cook books written by Narelle and co-authored by Julie Simpson:
Elements & Elegance - A Vegetarian Cookbook   
Narelle has been involved with wholefood cooking for 37 years, having run restaurants, wholefood co-ops, health food stores and taught whole food cooking in Australia, U.S.A and New Zealand.  The book was originally titled Flowers in the Kitchen - Elemental Feng Shui Cooking and was written as an aide for patients and students to assist and enhance their well-being. It was sold at Narelle's acupuncture clinic and the Australian College of Applied Feng Shui & Oriental Medicine in Cairns.  It provides students with delicious wholefood recipes which combine  insights about Feng Shui. It is due out in July and will be available by contacting Narelle via this website's contact page.
Tofu For Beginners Recipe Book
This book was designed as a beginners guide to using tofu and tempeh in cooking to supplement a wholefood diet. For a copy of the Tofu For Beginners Recipe Book contact Narelle - a small charge will apply.
Please don't hesitate to contact Narelle to make an appointment.
Work:  +64 6 8679388
Mobile: +64 2 7774 2489
Email: narelle at zenarelle
We look forward to hearing from you.
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